Charlotte Crosby, a household name familiar to millions, has continually faced scrutiny from the public and media alike. While most 21-year-olds revel in the freedom of youth – living with friends, navigating relationships, and occasionally over-indulging on nights out – Crosby did so under the spotlight on “Geordie Shore”. 

This portrayal, while entertaining for many, has continued to overshadow her tenacity and achievements over 10 years later. The second series of “Charlotte in Sunderland” produced by the Northeast based arm of Chatterbox Media – Natterbox, offers an intimate and heartfelt look at a Charlotte Crosby less known to the public. 

She opens up about the barriers she’s faced in the entertainment industry – never receiving invitations prestigious industry events, TV shows, and despite her sustained popularity, never winning an award. These revelations are all the more striking when considering her undeniably vast fan base. Boasting almost 9 million fans globally, Charlotte Crosby has transformed the fleeting 15 minutes of fame, typically associated with reality TV stars, into a lasting career. It’s an accomplishment in its own right, which seems unfairly set against the industry’s cold shoulder. 

Beyond her television success, Crosby’s business acumen is commendable. By age 25, she purchased a 5-bedroom mansion in her hometown of Sunderland, establishing herself not just as a star but a savvy entrepreneur. Now, she’s a working mum committed to building a legacy that not only paves the way for her businesses to thrive but also promoting the body positive culture in which she wants Alba to grow up. 

“Charlotte in Sunderland” urges viewers and critics alike to revisit their biases. Behind the reality TV persona is a woman who has worked relentlessly, built a successful business, and stayed true to her roots. 

Charlotte Crosby’s Engagement and More in ‘Charlotte in Sunderland’ Series 2 

We are ecstatic to announce the eagerly anticipated return of the smash-hit reality series “Charlotte in Sunderland” for its second season, premiering on 8th November 2023. The series promises to bring more laughs, more glamour, and more jaw-dropping moments, as Charlotte welcomes fans back into her whirlwind life – which now includes the lead up to her exciting new role as a fiancée! 

Charlotte’s engagement announcement has set her 8.8million followers into frenzy – and viewers are now invited to join in the celebration and anticipation as they wait to see her journey unfold on screen.

Charlotte Crosby announcing engagement to fans

Nasfim Haq, Head of Content at BBC Three, expressed their delight, “It is great to get Charlotte back once again giving viewers an access all areas pass to her entertaining world. The best bit is that off-screen, the team making it will be supporting local North East production talent develop – it’s a winning combo for sure.” 

Watch the new trailer here

The first series not only captivated a significant number of viewers, with a whopping 40% aged 16-34, but also boasted strong performance on BBC iPlayer, and a staggering 36 million social media impressions. The North-East fans, in particular, have shown immense support and love for the show. Mark your calendars for 8th November to catch the premiere on #BBCThree and #BBCiPlayer. And if you haven’t seen Series 1 or just want to binge once again, it’s available to stream on iPlayer. 

“Big love to our team and to Charlotte for sharing her next chapter with the world. Get ready to be swept up in an emotional, hectic whirlwind of motherhood, business, and romance that only Charlotte can deliver.” Ali Quirk, Executive Producer and Founder of Chatterbox & Natterbox 

Banijay Rights sells Chatterbox Media’s Charlotte in Sunderland S1 to Foxtel

Banijay Rights announces that the first series of Charlotte in Sunderland has been acquired by Australian network, Foxtel. Produced by Chatterbox Media for The BBC, Charlotte In Sunderland is an access all areas reality show into the unpredictable dynamic world of entrepreneur and TV personality, Charlotte Crosby showing her as she has never been seen before. 

The show follows Charlotte as she pursues her personal and professional dreams in her beloved hometown of Sunderland whilst juggling the stresses of running her businesses and preparing for motherhood with boyfriend Jake. Viewers can expect to see the everyday goings-on in Charlotte’s successful empire as a resourceful and self made businesswoman who has amassed a large and loyal young fanbase throughout her years growing up in the limelight. 

With Charlotte based in her hometown, Charlotte in Sunderland shines a spotlight on the North East and all of the things that make it such a special place for Charlotte and her family. 

Executive Producer Nav Raman, “We’re so pleased that Charlotte’s fans in Australia can join her on this emotional rollercoaster”. 

Banijay Rights is the exclusive distributor of Charlotte in Sunderland across all platforms. Banijay also distributes other hit shows for Chatterbox including Sally Lyndsay’s Sleepover and Meet the Khans.