New life, new love, new baby – this is reality star Charlotte Crosby as you’ve never seen her before. Back home in Sunderland, she shines a spotlight on a whirlwind year.

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Charlotte Crosby

Northern Star Shines Bright!

Dive deep into the heart of Sunderland with its very own dazzling gem, Charlotte. Charlotte in Sunderland isn’t merely a show—it’s an intimate invitation into the whirlwind life of one of its most dynamic inhabitants.

Every episode brims with energy. As we navigate the bustling streets of Sunderland alongside Charlotte, we’re welcomed into her close-knit world. From heartwarming family dinners to lively nights out with friends, from cherished moments with her partner Jake to the rollercoaster ride of expanding her business empire—each scene is a vivid snapshot of Charlotte’s passion, ambition, and love for life.

The real charm, however, lies in its authenticity. Amid the highs, the show doesn’t shy away from the challenges and hurdles of juggling a myriad of roles in today’s fast-paced world. Yet, with every twist and turn, Charlotte’s unwavering spirit shines through.

In essence, Charlotte in Sunderland celebrates a new era for its leading lady. It’s a tale of growth, love, and hometown pride. Buckle up for an exhilarating ride through the life and times of Sunderland’s radiant star, Charlotte!

⸺ Commercial Impact 1

40% of audiences between the ages of 16-34.

⸺ Commercial Impact 2

The BBC said it had strong iPlayer viewing (62%) and performed particularly well with viewers in the North of England.

⸺ Commercial Impact 3

“Last year was a rollercoaster and the BBC and Chatterbox showed great sensitivity while filming some of the happiest and saddest moments of my life." Charlotte Crosby

⸺ Commercial Impact 4

BBC has ordered a second series following the “unpredictable and dynamic” world of Charlotte Crosby.

⸺ Commercial Impact 5

“It is great to get Charlotte back once again giving viewers an access all areas pass to her entertaining world…the best bit is that off screen the team making it will be supporting local North East production talent develop – it’s a winning combo for sure,” added Nasfim Haque, Head of Content for BBC Three.