This coming of age film follows care leavers Arron and Sulaimaan, as they navigate a series of first time, big life moments.

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2x BAFTA Award Winner 1x Broadcast Award Winner

Journey to Independence!

Delve deep into the poignant world of This is My Life, Series 1, Leaving Care, a raw, heart-wrenching tale of two young men charting their own paths in the vast, often daunting world.

Centered on Arron and Sulaimaan, this coming-of-age film beautifully captures the bittersweet essence of youth. As care leavers, their stories aren’t just about typical teenage tribulations. Instead, they must grapple with life-altering decisions and milestones, often in the shadow of solitude, without the traditional familial safety net.

The show’s magic lies in its authenticity and depth. As viewers, we’re privy to Arron’s and Sulaimaan’s vulnerability, resilience, and indefatigable spirit. From securing their first homes, navigating relationships, to the myriad “firsts” that life throws their way, their journey is a testament to human tenacity in the face of adversity.

This is My Life, Series 1, Leaving Care isn’t just a documentary—it’s a stirring narrative of hope, resilience, and the universal search for belonging. Through Arron and Sulaimaan’s eyes, we are reminded of the innate human strength and the power of forging one’s destiny, even against the harshest of odds.

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2x BAFTA Award Winner

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1x Broadcast Award Winner

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Judges comments: “Capturing the teens at the moment they were no longer “owned” by their local authority opened up “unbelievable” access.”

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Judges comments: “A true and honest exposé of the care system with fantastically chosen contributors”.

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Judges comments: One judge drew parallels with the seminal Seven Up! series, noting its commitment to the “classic documentary style”, free of graphics and reality techniques.