World boxing champion Amir Khan and influencer wife Faryal open the doors to their crazy, fabulous family life in their beloved Bolton and dazzling Dubai.

Commissioned By

chatterbox media bbc


Seasons 1, 2 & 3

Leading Stars

Amir Khan
Faryal Makhdoom


Series 1: NTA Best Reality, TV Choice and Broadcast Award Nominated
Series 2: NTA Best Reality Nominated

Ready to Meet The Khans?

Dive into the glamorous, bustling world of Meet The Khans. World boxing champion Amir Khan and influencer wife Faryal open the doors to their crazy, fabulous family life in their beloved Bolton and dazzling Dubai.

This first of its time reality series takes us behind the ropes and into the fascinating lives of British-Pakistani boxer Amir Khan and his powerhouse wife, Faryal Makhdoom. It’s not just about the glitz and the glam; it’s about love, challenges, and the daily grind that even fame can’t escape.

Witness the highs and lows of victories in the boxing ring, intimate family moments, and inevitable hurdles and drama.

Meet The Khans isn’t just another celebrity reality show. It’s a radiant celebration of culture, passion, and resilience. Dive in and meet the Khans on their terms! 🌟🥊👗


Meet The Khan's is the trailblazing, first ever reality series commissioned by the BBC, led by a British Pakistani Muslim couple


Engaged over 6,000,000 viewers, alongside significant traditional media & social media coverage


20% of viewers signed up to BBC iPlayer for the first time


Reached a diverse audience, with a 30% male audience for a reality show


Fiona Campbell, Controller of BBC Three says: “We’re really excited that we have the Khans back for more ... Meet The Khans really brought something new to the channel and series one was really popular with the audience. Faryal and Amir are both stars in their own right and we’re really glad that they are opening up their doors to us for more.”

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⸺ Meet The Khans Cast

Step into the spotlight with the cast of Meet The Khans!

Amir Khan

Step into the ring with the lightning-fast, World Champion boxer Amir Khan! A British-Pakistani boxing sensation, famed for being the first ever teenager to win an Olympic medal at just 17. Amir isn't just a master of jabs and hooks, he's a devoted father, a loving husband, and an ambassador for charity and community.

Faryal Makhdoom

Faryal Makhdoom is a beauty influencer with resilience, and style. Beyond the limelight of being Amir's wife, Faryal is an icon in her own right. With a sharp business acumen and a killer fashion sense, she embodies empowerment. Her spirit is unbreakable, her wit is unmatched, and her journey is one of motherhood, entrepreneurship, and partnership.

⸺ Meet The Khans Season Overview

From jaw-dropping moments to heartwarming connections, each episode is a rollercoaster of emotions and adventure.

⸺ Meet The Khans Season 1:

Welcome to the high-octane world of Meet The Khans! Season 1 introduces us to the star-studded lives of British-Pakistani boxer Amir Khan and the fabulous Faryal Makhdoom. We're invited into their universe, witnessing firsthand their commitment to family, passion for their crafts, and the challenges stardom brings and confronting painful parts of their relationship. From Amir's intense training sessions to Faryal's dive into the world of fashion entrepreneurship, this season is an electric mix of love, ambition, and resilience.

⸺ Meet The Khans Season 2:

The drama intensifies in Season 2! As Amir faces long term rival Kell Brook in his last ever professional fight. Faryal takes on the challenging world of beauty and fashion, whilst managing Amir's fight and their young family.

⸺ Meet The Khans Season 3:

Season 3 sees the Khans navigating new territories. Amir contemplates the next steps in his career now that he's hung up his gloves, while Faryal's business reaches new heights. But with all these changes, they're met with relationship challenges the effects of retiring on Amir's mental health.

⸺ Meet The Khans Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the Khans?

The Khans are a couple known for making headlines, a prominent British boxing family known for their influence, and contributions to various fields. This article delves deep into their lineage, their journeys, and the impact they’ve made.

Why is this family so significant?

The Khans have consistently broken barriers and set benchmarks in their respective areas, be it business, sports, beauty, or social causes. Their significance stems from Amir’s achievements in boxing and his charismatic personality.

Where do the Khans originate from?

Amir is British Pakistani and Faryal is American Pakistani – they met in New York where Faryal grew up and moved to Amir’s home town of Bolton to raise their family.

Which industries do the Khans predominantly occupy?

Amir is currently the President for the WBC in the AUE and works with many rising stars in boxing. Faryal recently launched her makeup brand Faryal Beauty. While the Khans have a foothold in many industries, they are predominantly known for their contributions to sports, entertainment, beauty, hospitality and philanthropy.

What challenges did the Khans face in their journey to prominence?

The Khans faced their fair share of trials – societal and cultural pressures, economic downturns, and personal dramas.

Have the Khans been involved in philanthropy?

Absolutely. The Khans have always been active philanthropists. They’ve set up The Amir Khan foundation, sponsored education, and have been at the forefront of several charitable causes.

Are there any books or documentaries on the Khans?

Amir Khan recently published his autobiography – Fight For Your Life.

How have the Khans impacted global perceptions of their culture?

Through their ventures, the Khans have often showcased elements of their rich cultural heritage, thereby influencing and educating global audiences about their roots and traditions.

Are all the Khans in public life?

No. While many Khans have taken up public roles and responsibilities, several prefer to maintain a low profile, focusing on their personal and business endeavors away from the limelight.

What values does the Khan family uphold?

The Khans, value integrity, resilience, their Muslim faith and philanthropy.

How do the Khans celebrate their successes?

The Khans are known for their grand celebrations and flashy lifestyle, their extravagant purchases and celebrations often become talk-of-the-town moments.

Have the Khans faced any controversies?

Like any prominent family, the Khans have faced their share of controversies. From relationship dramas, to family matters and public spats with other celebrities.