"Aspiring model who suffered a devastating brain haemorrhage aged twelve is forging a catwalk career after re-learning to walk and talk" in CBBC My Life

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Breaking Beauty Barriers!

Step into a world where beauty transcends conventions in My Life – Changing the Face of Beauty. In an age where aesthetics often fall into rigid boxes, three courageous young souls—Kimran, Rafi, and Lois—stand tall, challenging and reshaping our understanding of allure.

Kimran’s journey is a tapestry of twinhood and tenacity. While she and her sister mirror each other in many ways, Kimran’s unique vitiligo sets her apart. Once shrouded in makeup and societal expectations, an encounter with the inspiring model Nile ignites a transformation. Kimran soon learns to wear her vitiligo as a badge of honor, stepping boldly into the limelight.

Then, there’s Rafi’s story of grit. From the harrowing moment he collapsed as a child to his miraculous recovery, Rafi’s spirit is indomitable. Five years post his brain haemorrhage, he graces the catwalk with unmatched grace. His visit to Boohoo’s headquarters becomes a poignant question—will the fashion world embrace diverse beauty?

Finally, the vivacious Lois, at just ten, showcases that disability doesn’t dim radiance. Her ambition to model for renowned brands is nothing short of inspiring.

My Life – Changing the Face of Beauty isn’t just a documentary—it’s a movement, a clarion call to see beauty in its myriad forms, and to celebrate it.