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Stacey Dooley investigates the controversial world of whale hunting. This contentious practice has hit the headlines around the world as whaling countries defy international pressure to ban the practice. Whalers argue it is just food, like any other meat. Campaigners call it barbaric and outdated. With rare access to a Norwegian commercial hunting vessel, Stacey witnesses the killing of a minke whale. And on the remote Faroe islands, modern-day hunters defend their tradition of whale slaughter for food, while activists from around the world say they will keep coming to the island until they stop.

Stacey heads to Norway, the world’s biggest commercial whaling nation. From the Lofoten Islands, off the country’s northern coast, Stacey joins skipper Bjorn and his crew on a minke whale hunt out to the Arctic Circle to fulfil an order from a local factory – each minke whale is worth around £7,000.

On the fourth day at sea, Stacey witnesses Bjorn track and kill a seven-metre-long, five-tonne minke whale with an explosive harpoon grenade. The minke is not considered under threat from extinction and therefore is lawful to hunt in Norway. For the whalers, it is straightforward – the minke provides food and a living. Bjorn suggests critics are urban people who don’t understand the laws of nature. According to a Norwegian report, the harpoon delivers instant death on impact in 82% of killings, but the remaining 18% can take an average of six minutes to die – for many, this is an unacceptable level of cruelty.

Stacey also travels to the Faroe Islands in the North Atlantic. The Faroese drive pods of pilot whales and white-sided dolphins to designated bays where they are slaughtered by hand. In this 1,000-year-old tradition known as the grind, the meat is not sold but given free to those involved in the hunt. Stacey talks to islanders who defend the killing as environmentally sustainable and culturally important – from the grind foreman Magnus, who leads the whale hunts and objects to outsiders telling them how to live, to Armgard, a 24-year-old student who wants to get her license to kill. They maintain that the killing is instant and the animals are not in distress or pain during the grind.

Stacey is shown dramatic footage of a recentgrind shot by British Sea Shepherd campaigner Sarah, who streamed the graphic images for the world to see. She argues that boats driving a pod of pilot whales to shore during a grind can take hours, leaving the mammals confused and disorientated. They believe the killing is inhumane and unregulated and cannot be justified because of tradition. Stacey questions a government official about the method of killing the whales and dolphins.

Stacey is faced with highly charged and passionate people on both sides of the argument and a whole host of cultural differences as she searches for answers to whetehr there still a place for whale hunting in today’s world.

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Stacey Dooley

Stacey Dooley is a force of nature in investigative journalism. Known for her fearless pursuit of truth, Stacey's approach is a blend of empathy, tenacity, and raw curiosity. Whether she's navigating war zones or confronting global crises, her dedication to uncovering the heart of every story is unparalleled. It's not just about the facts for Stacey; it’s about the people behind them. Stacey doesn't just report stories—she lives them, making her a true icon in the realm of British documentary storytelling.

⸺ Stacey Dooley Investigates Frequently Asked Questions

What is Stacey Dooley Investigates?

Stacey Dooley Investigates is a documentary series where the titular journalist, Stacey Dooley, delves into a range of challenging and often controversial topics, offering insights and shedding light on underreported issues across the globe.

Who is Stacey Dooley?

Stacey Dooley is a renowned British journalist, TV presenter, and documentary filmmaker. She has garnered acclaim for her fearless approach to journalism and her commitment to bringing attention to crucial global issues.

How many episodes are there in the series?

The series spans several seasons with multiple episodes in each.

What are some of the topics Stacey has covered?

Stacey has tackled a plethora of pressing issues, ranging from child labor in developing countries to drug trade, environmental challenges, and women’s rights issues, among others.

Where can viewers watch Stacey Dooley Investigates?

The series is available on BBC iPlayer in the UK and has also been made accessible on various streaming platforms for international viewers.

What sets this documentary series apart from others?

Stacey Dooley Investigates stands out due to its authentic, on-the-ground reporting, the brave selection of topics, and Stacey’s relatability and genuine commitment to giving a voice to the voiceless.

Has the show won any awards?

Yes, Stacey Dooley Investigates has received several nominations and awards over the years, recognising its excellence in documentary filmmaking and investigative journalism.

How does Stacey Dooley approach the subjects of her investigations?

Stacey approaches her subjects with an open mind, empathy, and a deep commitment to truth. She prioritizes listening to local voices and sharing firsthand experiences to provide a holistic view of the issue at hand.

Are there any dangers involved in the production?

Given the nature of the topics and the regions she explores, Stacey often finds herself in challenging and potentially dangerous situations. However, she and her crew prioritise safety while ensuring the story is told.

What’s the future outlook for Stacey Dooley Investigates?

The series continues to enjoy a strong following and critical acclaim. Fans can look forward to more hard-hitting episodes as Stacey explores new topics and regions.

How has the show impacted real-world issues or policies?

Several episodes have spurred conversations and action at various levels. By bringing attention to underreported issues, the series has influenced public opinion and, in some cases, even policy decisions.

Can educators or students access resources related to the show?

Yes, there are educational packs and resources related to certain episodes that can be used in academic settings to foster discussions and learning.