The actress visits upmarket homes around the UK for an overnight stay. Sally looks around the opulent residences getting a taste of the owners' luxury lifestyles.

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chatterbox media channel 5 broadcasting


1 & 2

Leading Stars

Sally Lindsay


TV Choice Award - Best Lifestyle Show Nominated

Indulgence and Intrigue Await!

Dive into the luxurious world of Sally Lindsay’s Posh Sleepover, where grandeur meets candid charm. Let Sally Lindsay be your enchanting guide, whisking you away on exclusive escapades to the UK’s most lavish homes.

Each episode unfolds like a sumptuous storybook. Picture vast estates, stunning architecture, and intricate interior designs that reflect a life of affluence. Sally isn’t just a passive observer; she immerses herself fully, giving viewers an authentic peek into the opulent daily lives of the homeowners.

What truly elevates the series is Sally’s magnetic personality. With her keen eye and wit, she bridges the gap between everyday viewers and the world of extravagance. Her interactions are genuine, her comments relatable, and her amazement mirrors our own. As she tours these stunning homes, it’s almost as if we’re there beside her, experiencing every awe-inspiring moment firsthand.

In Sally Lindsay’s Posh Sleepover, it isn’t just about ogling at luxury; it’s an exploration of lifestyles, design, and the stories behind those grand doors. As the lights go out and Sally nestles in, we’re left with dreams of palatial bedrooms and tales of opulence.

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Series 1: Regularly consolidating at over 1m viewers

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This title consistently rated above slot average against entertainment juggernauts on rival channels

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Sold internationally in 65 countries

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"Lavish is an understatement – each hour-long episode will satiate your desire for property porn." Tatler
"Fancy a bit of jaw-dropping escapism? Let Sally Lindsay provide it when she stops for a sleepover with some very wealthy people in a new series" Daily Mail